List Of Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Really Free
Yes, it is free and we assure you that there’s many giveaways available and each posting is different, but a description of the giveaway will be given and the actions you have to take in order to receive it. You can choose what freebies you want to receive based on the description. You can click through to the page that is offering the coupon, contest or the freebie.

Can You Get Something Specific For Free
Yes, We have search features you can use. Take advantage of them to find what you want.

Can You Share A Freebie Online
We have a submission form you can use. Fill it out and then submit it to create a posting about your offer. We are thankful for the offers you share and we thank you in advance.

How Do I See My Submission
We moderate posts before they are officially published, so there’s a chance it has not passed the approval process. We’ll send an email to you if a posting doesn’t pass the process. We’ll explain why, so make sure you check your spam folder in case our email ended up there.

Why Did My Post About A Free eBook Not Pass
There’s so many free eBooks offered on Amazon. We cannot list them all one by one. It would be labeled a re-post, therefore it wouldn’t pass the approval process. Read our post about getting free eBooks on the eCommerce giant here.

Can I Do A Link Exchange
After you submit your offering, you’ll be provided with a unique ID. Use that to link back to us from your posting. In return, we will send more traffic to you, and there are a number of creative things you can do. Read about some of them here.

Do You Have Advertising Space For Sale
Yes we do. You can contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Something Is Wrong With My Freebie, Can You Help Me
Use the search feature on our site and then follow the link to the company that is offering the freebie. They should have their contact info somewhere on their site. Find this information and then let them know what the problem is. They should be able to resolve any issue you are experiencing with your freebie or you can ask them any questions you have about the item you received.